[Efficacy and role of pig tail]_Benefits_Inevitable

[Efficacy and role of pig tail]_Benefits_Inevitable

Pig tail can be used to make a lot of food, but the main one is braised pig tail. This dish is also very delicious and easy to be accepted, and the pig tail itself contains a lot of rich collagen.These substances can make people’s skin softer and smoother, and can also treat some diseases of facial paralysis and gastrointestinal tract. Even women’s breast enhancement is also very effective.

Rich in gelatinous beauty, the pig’s tail is rich in protein and gelatinous meat. It has a great contribution to breast enhancement. It can be used to treat sore throat and occlusion by using the moon-burning ash and water.

It is effective to apply baldness to pig fat.

Treatment of pediatric scraping intestinal dysentery, closed eyes closed.

One or two pieces of fine pork, cut into thinly roasted incense, use half a pen of greasy powder, spread on top and eat, or smell the aroma on the nose, you will naturally have appetite.

Zhifeng sings and laughs and walks endlessly: use a pound of boar pork, cook and cut into pieces, and eat with vinegar, or cook for ravioli, porridge, or stir-fry.

Treatment of aphthous ulcers: Dry cooked food with bacon, very good.

To cure swelling and fullness: take raw pork, wash it with pulp water, cut into fine pieces after pressure drying, add garlic and simmer, twice a day.

It’s a foreign wonder.

Jiedan poison, stagnation of fever: use five pounds of fat pork, onion, half a catty, cook the same.

Absolutely will be abdominal diarrhea, washed with water, sand, gravel as soon as possible.

Treating injuries and not eating: Anyone who is beaten or severely injured from a height will not import water or food for three or five days.

Use two pieces of raw pork to smash, wash the blood with warm water, and then rot. Mix with yin and yang soup. Take half of the money and feed it into the pharynx with yin and yang soup.

Treating children with heavy tongues: Take the meat slaughtered from three houses, cut to the size of a finger, and smear on the tongue, that is, heal.

Zhiguan grid occlusion: lard, two liters of ginger juice each, lightly fry to one liter, and then fry the wine five times, take three times, effective.

Governance of children in the wind within a hundred days, there are things like snails in the mouth: wipe with lard, that is, disappear.

Treatment of lymphatic tuberculosis under the neck: Soak raw foxglove with pig paste, boil for six or seven times, and apply.

Treatment of incompatibility of leaky sores: use paper to stick to pig fat and cause sores three times a day.

Governance can not be less: one or two lard, one water, boiled five to seven times, immediately after taking.