[Is Soybean Soybean]What is Soybean? What is it?

[Is Soybean Soybean]What is Soybean? What is it?

In general, soybeans refer to soybeans. Of course, soybean products also include other beans such as black beans, but when it comes to soybeans, the first thing that comes to mind is soybeans. This is a bean with high nutritional value.With a history of 5,000 years of planting soybeans, soybeans can be made in a very close relationship with the Chinese nation. Its nutritional value is rich. Some of the soybean products we usually eat, such as tofu, are also made from soybeans.

Is Soybean Soybean (Scientific name: Glycine max (Linn.

) Merr.

) Commonly known as soy.

Leguminous soybeans are annual herbs, 30-90 cm tall.

Stems stout, erect, densely brown-bristled.

Leaves usually 3-lobed; stipules veined, yellowish pilose; petiole 2-20 cm long; leaflets broadly ovate, papery; racemes short, few flowers, long longer; total pedicels usually 5-8 sessile, tightly packed flowers; bracts lanceolate, shattered fur hairs; bracteoles lanceolate, appressed setae; petals lanceolate, flowers purple, lavender or white, base petaledPetiole, winged scorpion-shaped.

The pods are hypertrophic, slightly curved, drooping, yellow-green, densely covered with brown-yellow hairs; 2-5 seeds, oval, nearly spherical, smooth seed coat, light green, yellow, brown, and black.

Flowering from June to July, fruiting from July to September.

The main value is rich in content, in which the content of protein is 2 times higher than that of pork, which is 2 times that of egg.

5 times.

The protein content is high enough and good quality.

The amino acid composition of soybean protein is similar to that of animal protein. Among them, the amino acid is closer to the ratio required by the human body, so it is easily digested and absorbed.

If soybeans are combined with meat and egg foods, their nutrition can be compared with the nutritional content of eggs and milk, and even exceed the nutrition of eggs and milk.

Soybean meal also has high nutritional value. This meal contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids and is easily digested and absorbed by the body.

And soybean feces can prevent the absorption of high blood pressure, so soybean is an ideal nutrition for patients with arteriosclerosis.

The precipitated fiber in the bean dregs plays a pivotal role in promoting good digestion and excretion of solid waste.

Appropriate amount of cellulose is added to improve the food in the body to become softer and to promote peristalsis, thereby increasing the speed of defecation, preventing constipation and reducing the risk of bowel cancer.

At the same time, dietary fiber has the functions of significantly reducing plasma and plasma, regulating perfusion and insulin levels.

Soy flour is a by-product of the residual flour after soybeans are extracted with oil at a low temperature (40-60 ° C).

Because it is not exposed to temperature, soy’s antitrypsin, urease, hemagglutinin, saponin, and thyroid tumor-inducing factor will not be destroyed.

Soy cake cereal is the most widely used and most used vegetable protein material.