[Can the skin of fresh walnuts be eaten-]_ Can you eat them_Can you eat them?

[Can the peel of fresh walnuts be eaten?

]_ Can you eat it?

Too many people think that the walnuts are what we usually see after they are picked. In fact, otherwise, there is a layer of blue skin on the freshly picked fresh walnuts. This layer of skin is edible and its nutritional value is very high.It is the essence of walnut.

Fresh walnuts are easy to peel. Some dry-peeling methods, artificial peeling methods, and drug peeling methods are often used and produce very good results.

First, can the peel of fresh walnuts be eaten?

The peel of fresh walnuts is edible.

I believe that many people ignore this layer of skin when eating walnuts, but the layer of skin is also the essence.

The so-called walnut peel is the layer of walnut kernels. It is best not to remove them when you eat walnuts.

In fact, there is nothing to pay attention to when eating walnut peels. Instead, pay attention when eating walnuts. It is OK to eat 3-5 at a time. Don’t eat wildly.

Second, how to peel fresh walnuts 1. Peel dried and peeled. Fresh walnuts can be naturally dried and peeled after picking, especially those that are healthy, disease-free, and pest-free. Walnuts with good skin can be placed in a cool and ventilated environment and let itIt naturally dries in the shade. After ten days, the green skin on the surface of the walnut will shrink and dry. This is his green skin, which will naturally separate from the nuts inside. One can peel off the green skin on the surface with a slight peel.

2. Manual peeling. In some walnut production areas, people do not like to remove walnut peels by using a dry method, because this method takes a long time and is easy to produce defective products. The best way is to manually remove the freshWhen peeling walnuts, you should first use a small knife to peel off the large green skin on the surface, and then place it in the water. Use an iron brush to continue cleaning the remaining green skin, and then carefully clean with a fine needle and toothbrush.Clean the walnuts and dry them for sale.

3. After peeling the medicine and seeing that the walnut is under the tree, you can also use medicine to treat it. Put the walnut in a warm environment and spray 200 times of ethephon, so that the surface of the fresh walnut is sprayed with an appropriate amount of liquid medicine, and then theThey are covered with quilts or other insulation materials. After one day, the green peel on the surface of fresh walnuts will be automatically separated. This method easily leaves pesticides on the surface of walnut kernels. These pesticides may enter the human body when they are consumed.Harm to the human body.