[How to make pumpkin vines]_How to make_How to make

[How to make pumpkin vines]_How to make_How to make

Everyone is familiar with pumpkin vines.

Pumpkin vine is also commonly known as papaya vine.

Papaya can not only compress the effect of clearing the lungs and relieving cough, but also can alleviate stomachache in certain components, and it can also help regulate women’s menstruation.

There are many ways to eat square melon.

So how to make it the best?

Let ‘s follow the editor to learn how to make pumpkin vines!

The effect and effect of pumpkin Pumpkin vine is also called papaya vine. Many people in panwort pick the pumpkin vine when the pumpkin grows and grows vigorously. It can be used for soup or fried. It can be said that pumpkin vineIt is a very good kind of food. The soup made with pumpkin vine is particularly sweet.


The effect of pumpkin vine 1) Pumpkin vine has a good lung-clearing effect, and can also communicate with the stomach.

Pumpkin vine is particularly suitable for the treatment of tuberculosis and low fever. Pumpkin vine is good for stomach pain and irregular menstruation, and pumpkin vine is also good for burns.

2) Pumpkin vines can be used to treat liver wind, which also has a good effect on blood and nourishment, can regulate qi, has the effect of clearing heat, and can treat tuberculosis and low fever.


The usage and dosage of pumpkin vine can be taken orally, take 0.

1 Two pumpkin vines with decoction, can also cut off dripping juice.

Pumpkin vines can also be used: mash the sauce.


Selection of pumpkin vines 1) Pumpkin vines are used to treat internal fatigue: take pumpkin vines after autumn, cut them in place with roots, and then insert them into bottles to take orally.

2) Pumpkin vine for stomach pain: take pumpkin vine juice and red wine together.

3 Stir-fry tomatoes with Flammulina velutipes. Flammulina velutipes is also known as “Zhizhi Mushroom”. It contains all the essential amino acids in the human body. Among them, lysine and arginine are particularly rich, and the zinc content is high.Especially good for children’s height and intellectual development.

The ingredients for this “Fried Tomato Flavor Mushroom” are simple and the method is not difficult. In order to taste better, we can remove the tomato skin and cut into small pieces to fry with the Flammulina.The sweet taste and the red color are all appetizing and very tasty.